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Talent Engagement Matrix

Allow me to introduce the Talent Engagement Matrix. You can use this tool to assess how well your people are positioned to best leverage their passion and potential. Read more here. You will also learn what to do if someone isn’t well positioned. Patrick LeddinI try to be a catalyst for change and improvement. Some…

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Ode to the Human Resources Manager

Could you have envisioned at the start of your career; how your days would unfold throughout much of the year? There are times when all is well – people are engaged; and stints when some are angry – even enraged. When people conflict and relationships sour; they file by your office hour after hour. “Help us…

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Leadership Can Be Tough

How have we come to think that someone can become a great leader without being controversial or upsetting at times? Leadership is a tough, often isolated role. The leader must make decisions, deliver messages, and convey information that can upset some. Not every leader is up to this task. As a result, some leaders water…

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Create a Culture of Contributors: Start Now

Some time ago, I walked into a small, one of a kind, coffee shop. The place was clean and the coffee good, but what stuck with me was my conversation with the woman behind the counter. As I approached the register, I was met with a pleasant smile and a kind, “Good morning, how may…

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