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Engage Your People

With all of the discussion about employee engagement, have you considered this? Engage the passion your people innately possess. You don’t have to invite them to have dreams – they already have them. Patrick LeddinI try to be a catalyst for change and improvement. Some of my ideas are spot-on, many are works in progress,…

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The Power of Purpose: Discover (Rediscover) Your Purpose

A key habit of any true leader is to have a clear “end in mind,” a vision or mission that inspires and energizes people. It also means having a clear purpose in mind for everything true leaders do—initiatives, projects, meetings. It’s based on the simple principle of knowing one’s destination early; even if one fall…

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Great Leaders Master Both Map and Compass

Some leaders amass tremendous knowledge about a given organization or type of work. These people have paid their dues and climbed the ladder. They’ve, “been there and done that.” As a result, they are good with a map. Others may have less experience, but are ferocious learners. They learn big lessons from even the smallest…

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