CEOs, Bestselling Authors, and Professional Athletes Told Me that One Word is Key

I recently reviewed the transcripts from the first 25 Leadership Lab podcast episodes. One word jumped out at me.

Many of the CEOs, NYT bestselling authors, & former professional athletes told me that one word has been key to their success.

What’s the word?


That’s right, kindness.

Here are 3 things to know about kindness

1. Kindness isn’t weakness; it’s strength.

It takes strength to kindly & respectfully give someone performance feedback, to share concerns with a customer, or to challenge an unfair process.

2. Kindness isn’t efficient; it’s effective.

At times, it’s much easier to go fast – to push through an issue. However, kindness requires us to slow down & sacrifice speed for effectiveness. Be efficient with things & effective with people.

3. Kindness isn’t forgettable; it’s valued.

When you are kind to others, they remember you. They choose to partner with you. They encourage their friends & coworkers to do the same. We all want to be seen, valued, & heard. Being kind allows the space to meet those needs.

I for one choose to be kind.

Who’s with me?



Photo by Irene Strong on Unsplash