Tool: 3 Leadership Behaviors that Work

I’m excited to share our latest free leadership tool.

Do you want to be a more effective leader? I’d recommend that you embrace three leadership behaviors that work:

  1. Recognize people as individuals
  2. Invite people to participate in something bigger than themselves
  3. Create positive memorable experiences

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Here’s a PDF of 3 Leadership Behaviors that Work for you to print, post, and share with colleagues.

3 Leadership Behaviors that Work


  1. Leny A. Prado on August 31, 2020 at 5:28 pm

    Thank you for sharing this. Will have this shared with our HR team

    • Patrick Leddin on August 31, 2020 at 5:29 pm

      That’s great, Leny. I hope the team is able to get a lot of use out of this tools and all of the other ones on the site. We create them so everyone can put them to good use!

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