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Our 3 Latest Tools

Crisis at 800 Feet: Tool

You likely:  Work in a fast-paced, dynamic, and demanding environment. Encounter curve balls and have to deal with the unexpected. Have people looking to you for answers and direction. Must rely on your experience, knowledge, procedures, or the example of others as you respond to a crisis.  Here are six practices to employ in the…
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What Are You Grateful For Tool

I am thrilled about The Five Leadership Challenge’s performance and the impact it is having. I’m also extremely grateful to:  My partners at HarperCollins Leadership for publishing the book and providing guidance throughout the last several months.  My teammates at Leddin Group for their hard work throughout the entire launch process and constant belief in…
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What’s in a Name Tool

The importance of names extends beyond what people call us as individuals to what we call our teams, departments, and entire organizations. This week’s tool and video are intended to get you thinking about what people call your group and if the name truly represents: –      Who you serve –      What you do –      Why…
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