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Our 3 Latest Tools

Customer-Service Farmers Market Infographic

Going to the market week after week, I’ve become familiar with many of the vendors, their products, and how they display the goods they sell. It’s interesting how they adjust their approach throughout the summer. They move items around, refine what they say to customers, and create new offerings.  For example, a few weeks ago,…
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Planning Worksheet

Playing the lottery can teach us a helpful lesson about creating plans to accomplish our priorities. Like the lottery, where you are trying to turn little amounts into big bucks, an effective plan is also designed to turn a little into a lot. However, unlike the lottery, where you are counting on luck to achieve…
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Worksheet: Leaders Communication Check

Words have meaning. Talking in shorthand is helpful, but only to the extent that both parties understand the jargon, acronyms, or phrases. This week’s tool and video will help you to explore the shorthand you use and ask you to consider if your message recipients – employees, customers, or partners – genuinely understand what you…
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