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We create tools to help you and your team to win.  Our 3 latest tools are available below and there are plenty more in our Tool Vault.

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Our 3 Latest Tools

4 Trust Building Choices

Let’s be clear. Giving people choices is a good thing. Giving people a voice in creating those choices can be a great thing. In the face of dealing with choices, great leaders make 4 great choices.  Read this article to understand more about the concept.  Download the PDF (below) as it is perfect for printing,…
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4 Business Building Blocks

Since inception, Lego has produced over 650 billion pieces. That’s nearly 93 blocks for every person on the planet. They’ve also manufactured 4 billion lego mini figures – one small Lego ‘person’ for every 1.75 people on earth. Ten years ago, Lego was struggling on every financial front and headed toward ruin; however, they turned…
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7 Keys to Effectively Giving Your Boss Feedback

Giving your boss feedback can be tough. While some leaders are open to learning and listening, others are far less receptive. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel compelled to provide your boss feedback, here are seven keys to more effectively delivering the message. Below is a PDF suitable for sharing with…
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