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We create tools to help you and your team to win.  Our 3 latest tools are available below and there are plenty more in our Tool Vault.

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Our 3 Latest Tools

5 Reasons to Craft Your Team’s Purpose

Have you taken the time to craft a purpose statement for your team? If not, perhaps these 5 reasons to do it will get you moving in the right direction.  Listen to an expert on purpose, Brad White of Brighthouse a BCG Company, as he shares his thoughts on finding and putting to use your…
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Create a Culture of Owners

Who washes a rental car? No one. Why? We don’t own rental cars. If you want to increase employee engagement, give your team members something to own. It can be a project, an initiative, a decision, a workspace, etc., but give it to them and let them own it. Here are six great reasons to…
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5Ps Leading Teams to Top Results: Quick Team Assessment

Whether you aspire to lead people, are early on your role as a team leader, or have been leading teams for years, I strongly recommend you check out this tool. In working on the ground teams around the world, we’ve learned that the best team leaders and team members are clear on five key areas:…
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