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Our 3 Latest Tools

Engaging the World’s Most Powerful Consumers Application Guide

In the most recent episode of the Leadership Lab, Bridget Brennan, a global authority on engaging women in the marketplace, joins me. Learn the value of engaging female consumers, how companies are getting it right (and wrong), and what you can do today to better meet the needs of this powerful consumer group. Use this…
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Assessing Your Loyalty in the Face of a Gig Economy

We are seeing unprecedented changes in how people and organizations accomplish work in the gig economy. In many ways, what is old is new again as people are bucking a century old practice of taking a full-time job at a a big company and embracing new relationships. Contract part-time, and short-term agreements are the rage…
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5 Groovy Leadership Ideas

This week, HGTV premiered A Very Brady Renovation. The show is built around the home that served as the facade for the Brady Bunch television series. Producers bought the home and are now working with the 6 Brady kids (50 years later) to renovate the home to reflect on the inside the set that was…
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