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Our 3 Latest Tools

Choose. Don’t Just React.

In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey wrote that there is a space between stimulus and response, and it’s in that space that we find our freedom. We don’t merely have to react to a stimulus. We can choose what we do. Consider situations where you have reacted in ways that you later…
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Messages That Work

I made a video for you this week that explains the Mad Libs challenge we face at work. Please share it with others to encourage them to be more transparent, timely, and effective in the messages they deliver. The tool below will remind you to create such messages as you work with your team members,…
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Worksheet: Conduct a TIP Interview

Here’s your chance as a leader to consider how connected you are to those you lead. Ask yourself: – Do you know their stories? – Do you understand their passions? – How familiar are you with what interests them? – Can you explain what they want to do in their life? – What impact do…
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