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Our 3 Latest Tools

4 Great Outcomes That Happen in the White Space

In the white space between the blocks on an organizational chart, learning happens. It’s in those spaces where team members step out of their comfort zones to connect, teams work across functions, and departments/divisions come together to make big things happen. Today’s tool and video are designed to help you to think about the white…
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Acknowledge Your Strengths Worksheet

In our careers, too often we dwell on the things we wish we were able to do, while not acknowledging all the things at which we excel. By focusing on your weaknesses, not only do you not give yourself a chance to succeed, but you also lose track of your strengths. I challenge you today…
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Trail Marker Leadership

I like to hike. I enjoy the sense of adventure, the opportunity to be outdoors, and the challenge that comes with pushing yourself. On every trail there are a series of trail markers. These can be posts, small signs, or a shape painted on a tree. All trail markers serve the same purpose: they inspire…
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