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Our 3 Latest Tools

Finish What You Started Reflection

This week’s tool and video build on this idea of finishing what you start. In the video, I share a bit more about the concept. Watch yourself or share it with others. The tool provides you with a decision tree you can follow to finish strong. I encourage you to use the tool for lingering…
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Challenge and Encourage

Great leaders challenge team members to step up, give them opportunities to succeed, and model behaviors for them to follow. Want to be a great leader? Find ways to help people to accomplish three critical tasks.
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Listening with the Grain Worksheet

Great leaders listen with the grain of a conversation. Their intent is to understand and learn from the speaker, not to merely confirm what the leader already believes or to deliver a pre-determined response. Sometimes we struggle to get it right. We make assumptions or fail to fully understand what a team member is telling…
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