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We create tools to help you and your team to win.  Our 3 latest tools are available below and there are plenty more in our Tool Vault.

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Our 3 Latest Tools

7 Keys to Effectively Giving Your Boss Feedback

Giving your boss feedback can be tough. While some leaders are open to learning and listening, others are far less receptive. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel compelled to provide your boss feedback, here are seven keys to more effectively delivering the message. Below is a PDF suitable for sharing with…
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6 Behaviors of Highly Successful Mentors

Effectively mentoring someone is an honor. It can be terribly fulfilling, but it takes effort, preparation, and some well-honed skills. This tool highlights 6 behaviors of effective mentors. Use it to assess your current efforts and as a guide to help you to get better. The behaviors are: Motivator Coach Counselor Teacher / Advisor Sponsor…
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5 Reasons to Craft Your Team’s Purpose

Have you taken the time to craft a purpose statement for your team? If not, perhaps these 5 reasons to do it will get you moving in the right direction.  Listen to an expert on purpose, Brad White of Brighthouse a BCG Company, as he shares his thoughts on finding and putting to use your…
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