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Our 3 Latest Tools

5 Keys to Giving Feedback When People are Doing Good Work

When you are left in the dark, you make erroneous assumptions, second guess yourself, and hold back on your best efforts. Have you ever left your people in the dark when they were doing solid work? Here are five ways to shine a bit of light on great work. Be consistent. Don’t let your feedback ebb…
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How to Build a Team of Problem Solvers

If you want your people to solve problems, then you need to straighten up your ACT: Authority, Clarity, and Transparency. Authority Many individuals and teams fail to make decisions or take action because they don’t feel they have the authority to act. Suppose you want to create a culture where decision-making and owning problems happen.…
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Weekly Leadership Development Rhythm

I frequently tell a story about how my daily physical training in the Army allowed me to run a marathon on a whim when I was in my twenties. My consistent regimen led to freedom of action. In order to become a great runner, you must have a habit of running and follow a consistent…
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