Unleash Your TEAM’s Untapped Potential

To help you think through these situations and better tap into the power of your team. Consider this acronym T-E-A-M and the associated questions:

  • Talent – Who has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to tackle the initiative?
  • Experience – Who has experience delivering on similar projects?
  • Availability – How could we change schedules or realign resources?
  • Motivation – How energized might a team member be if we allow them to take over?

This week’s tool is a graphic designed to help you to tap into your T-E-A-M’s resources to see how you might take on future projects. Working with your team to answer these questions, may go a long way toward accomplishing future initiatives, help teammates, like Jess, release their potential, and build a better team in the process.


TEAMS untapped potential