What Are You Grateful For Tool

I am thrilled about The Five Leadership Challenge’s performance and the impact it is having. I’m also extremely grateful to: 

  • My partners at HarperCollins Leadership for publishing the book and providing guidance throughout the last several months. 
  • My teammates at Leddin Group for their hard work throughout the entire launch process and constant belief in the value of the book and how it will help leaders. 
  • My family and friends, who cheered me on from the sidelines and checked in constantly to offer help and support. 
  • Authors and CEOs who endorsed the book. 
  • Those who hosted and attended book tour events in Chicago, Indianapolis, Louisville, and Nashville. 
  • The many people who congratulated us for making the bestseller list. 

In short, I am grateful to a lot of people for a lot of reasons. 

Here’s the interesting thing about the wave of gratitude I’m riding. Yesterday, I was at Penn State University to kick-off a group of leaders who will be going through The Five-Week Leadership Challenge. My host was wonderful. I ate a delightful breakfast with a group of students, presented to a larger group that was getting to start the Challenge, and enjoyed delicious lunch and conversation.