What Does Accuracy Mean to Your Team?

Imagine for a moment that a new coffee shop is being built in your town. It seems perfect. You love coffee; you drive by the location every day, and the new store will have is a drive-thru.

Could it get any better?

You watch the shop’s construction and look forward to your first cup of coffee. One day, a banner appears in the front of the building reading, “Open next Monday at 6am.”

At that moment, you realize that you have an important meeting next Monday morning which requires you to drive by that very location. It’s as if the shop is opening up just to meet your needs.

Monday morning arrives and you leave your house 10 minutes early. As you pull into the coffee shop’s parking lot, something seems wrong. The place is dark and the parking lot empty. You roll up to the drive-thru only to find a note reading, “Opening delayed until 8am.”

Although the coffee shop was only off by 2 hours, the inaccuracy has cost them your trust.

Accuracy is about more than getting it right or wrong. It’s about building trust. When you provide inaccurate information, you’re taking a withdrawal from your customer’s bank of trust. When that account goes bankrupt, they go elsewhere.

What does Accuracy mean to your team?

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