What’s in a Name?

This week, I interviewed Skot Waldron for our podcast. Skot helps companies communicate more effectively with their customers and employees to create alignment, consistency, and loyalty.

In preparing for the interview, I read the backstory on the spelling of Skot’s name. Most would agree that S-K-O-T is more often spelled S-C-O-T-T.

I talked to Skot about how he landed on the spelling of his name (spoiler alert: it’s not how it was written on his birth certificate). I’ll let you listen to the podcast to learn the full story but suffice to say, names matter. I know this is true because I go by my full name Patrick simply because my mom’s name was Patricia. She went by Pat. To this day, when I hear someone say Pat, I think of her, not me.

The importance of names extends beyond what people call us as individuals to what we call our teams, departments, and entire organizations. This week’s tool and video are intended to get you thinking about what people call your group and if the name truly represents:

–      Who you serve

–      What you do

–      Why do you do it

I encourage you to take the time to complete the tool on your own and with your team. Names matter.

Take the time to get it right.


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash