Working to make government great!

It was an honor to speak with 31 top executives in the United States government yesterday. My presentation focused on executing big goals across complex organizations in the midst of tremendous pressure.

It was equally thrilling to provide them the very first copies of my latest book A Winning Culture in Government: The Ultimate Mission Essential. Written with my friend and colleague, Shawn Moon, and published by the FranklinCovey Company, the book speaks to why government organizations, at every level – federal, state, county, local – should foster a culture of ownership.

Creating effective government organizations is a benefit to all and this book speaks to FranklinCovey’s 30+ years of hands-on work with government leaders and teams, at every level of government, in every function and mission area, and in countries around the world. If you work in government, work for government, or have any interest in seeing government organizations more effectively function, you need this book on your shelf. It speaks directly to the inherent challenges of operating in the government space and is designed to make a difference.

Available on-line later this month. Email if you want to be notified of its release.