Worksheet: 7 Sources of a Problem

When you are faced with a problem, step back and clearly state the problem. Then, brainstorm various sources of the problem. To help you do that, consider these seven common sources to problems:

  1. Is something in the external environment (e.g., customer, competitors, regulatory, etc.) causing the problem?
  2. Are your goals, initiatives, or plans leading to the problem?
  3. Is something in your processes, procedures, or underlying technology contributing to the problem?
  4. Have you organized your team or their work environment in a way that is leading to difficulties?
  5. Are you understaffed or ineffectively staffed?
  6. Do your people have the skills, knowledge, and abilities that they need?
  7. Something else. Might something not listed above be causing the problem? Get creative.


Worksheet 7 Sources of a Problem