Worksheet: Carry 3 Lessons Forward

We sometimes turn the page from chapter to the next in life. I encourage you to consider bringing a few lessons forward with you into the next chapter of your life. Here are three lessons from COVID I advised a group of executives to consider hanging on to:

  1. Clarification – limited resources and restrictions caused by COVID required many leaders better to focus their time, energy, and attention.
  2. Communication – COVID induced anxiety, fear, and uncertainty caused leaders to communicate more frequently and through new modes to ensure people were remained informed.
  3. Creation – ingenuity and necessity caused organizations to create solutions and implement projects they had talked about in the past but now were compelled to complete. As one CEO told me, “When COVID hit, a five-year strategic initiative became a three-week project.”

I don’t know if these are three lessons you should take forward into the next chapter of your life, but I bet there are a few hard-fought experiences that shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand. Use this week’s video and tool to capture both a summary of the last chapter and a vision for the next chapter. Then, identify three specific lessons that you can carry forward with you.


Carry Lessons Forward