Worksheet: Gaining Support

Wise leaders recognize that the change management game is not won by getting every stakeholder to become a strong supporter but by moving everyone one step closer. They work to move someone who is opposed to a spot of neutrality on the issue. Or, they attempt to move a neutral party to a position of supporting the effort. 


For any initiative, you undertake, moving people one step closer on the continuum of support can be the difference between an idea struggling and dying or soaring and succeeding.  


This week’s worksheet will help you think about the changes you are trying to affect. Use it to identify various stakeholders, assess where they currently stand, reflect on why they are, and determine where you’d like to move them to and how you will make it happen. This worksheet will take time to complete, but it will be some of the best time you can invest as it will help you move people one step closer.


Gaining Support