Worksheet: Getting Past a Veiled Response

Sometimes leaders, customers, and employees say one thing when they want to say something completely different. For example:

  • A team member asks a leader for funding to attend a workshop. The leader says, “let me think about it.” In reality, the leader doesn’t want to deal with it and hopes you will forget about it.
  • A customer is asked how they liked the service. The customer responds, “Oh, it was good.” That’s not a glowing endorsement. It may very well mean, “I’m not thrilled and don’t intend to come back. I don’t want to get into it with you.”
  • An employee puts in her letter of resignation. Her boss asks why she is leaving, and the employee responds, “It’s an opportunity I simply can’t pass up.” The honest answer is, “I’m leaving because I’m tired of working for you. I want to get out of here and avoid another conversation with you.”

These are all veiled responses. There’s something behind each of them that you must dig deeper to discover. This week’s video and tool help you to explore what’s behind the veil. Use it to reflect on your words and those of your customers and team members. See if you can’t uncover the real meaning behind the veil.


Getting Past a Veiled Response