Worksheet: Invest in Relationships

Two things are inevitable for all of us:

  1. Crises will happen.
  2. Investing in relationships today will help us navigate through times of crisis.

Based on these fundamental truths, ask yourself two questions:

  1. How are you consciously investing in relationships today to help you navigate through future crises?
  2. How are you consciously investing in relationships today so you can help others to navigate through crises?

We designed this week’s tool and video to help you answer these two questions. Watch the video and then complete the tool. Identify 2-3 roles you currently fill. Explore 2-3 key relationships you should nurture for each role. Make specific commitments to invest in those key relationships.

Once you’ve completed the form, work to:

  1. Complete commitments.
  2. Reassess where your relationships stand.
  3. Make new commitments to build deeper and stronger relationships.


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