7 Keys to Giving Your Boss Effective Feedback

Giving your boss feedback can be challenging. Appear too critical of your boss, and you can come across as argumentative, unsupportive, or not a team player. You may have the right intention, but you appear to be a problem, not part of the solution.

Effectively give your boss feedback by putting these seven ideas into practice:

1. Avoid public criticism

Look for opportunities to discuss the issue one-on-one with your boss. Criticizing your boss in an open forum rarely ends well.

2. Declare your intent

Don’t make your boss assume your intentions. Clearly state why you share your thoughts and how you hope they are received.

3. Offer suggestions, not solely criticism

Criticizing is easy. Trolls on the internet do it all day long. Provide suggestions or alternatives for your boss to consider.

4. Demonstrate loyalty

Talk to your boss, not about your boss. Don’t host a meeting after the meeting to tell others why your boss is wrong. Be loyal when he is and isn’t present.

5. Recognize that your boss has feelings too

Your boss’s ego could be closely connected to the idea you address. Keep that in mind and treat her like you would like to be treated.

6. Speak up

Failing to share your thoughts can be worse than poorly conveying them. Don’t sit by and watch your boss fail. Step up and speak up.

7. Be direct but respectful

When you do address the issue, don’t be cagey or coy. Explain your concerns clearly, but do so in a respectful tone and manner.

Make it a great day!