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From intimate gatherings to large-scale events, Dr. Leddin has captivated and inspired audiences of all sizes, spanning the globe. Don't miss out – book him now and discover the transformative power of his leadership insights.


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“Leadership isn’t merely organizing resources or delegating tasks. At its core, leadership is seeing the potential of every person and communicating, encouraging, and supporting them to unleash that potential to achieve what they hadn’t thought possible.” - Patrick Leddin, PhD


Dr. Patrick Leddin is a masterful storyteller who takes his audiences on an insightful journey, exploring the essence of leadership and what it means to lead oneself and others. With his diverse experience in academia, business, military, and consulting, he possesses a unique perspective on leadership that resonates with individuals at all organizational levels.

From leading soldiers in the U.S. Army to consulting with senior executives at KPMG and FranklinCovey, Dr. Leddin has a rich and impressive background in leadership. His two successful leadership consulting businesses stand as a testament to his knowledge, expertise, and ability to deliver practical solutions to complex leadership challenges.

With a global reach, Dr. Leddin has presented to thousands of audiences worldwide, sharing his knowledge and insights on leadership. While he does not disclose his client list, it is clear that his message has resonated with individuals across a range of industries and organizations.

When Patrick stepped onto the stage, a wave of enthusiasm swept through the audience. He was profoundly engaging, capturing the attention of every individual in attendance. His insights, anecdotes, and practical strategies resonated deeply, providing our leaders with the tools they needed to elevate their performance to new heights.
The impact of Patrick's keynote address was palpable. Our leaders left the conference inspired, invigorated, and with a renewed commitment to fulfilling our collective mission of wholeheartedly serving our residents and patients. The attendees were empowered to embrace growth, surpass their potential, and make a lasting impact within our healthcare organization.

- Marie Headlee, VP of Business Development at Crest Healthcare Consulting


“The results were beyond our expectations. Patrick's facilitation skills are truly exceptional. He has a remarkable ability to engage participants at all levels of an organization, creating a dynamic and immersive learning environment.

Patrick's delivery style is charismatic, energetic, and captivating, ensuring every participant is fully engaged and actively involved in the learning process. His facilitation techniques were particularly effective in our business, where strong leadership is crucial. Through thought- provoking discussions, collaborative activities, and skillfully crafted exercises, Patrick fostered meaningful conversations and elicited valuable insights from our team members.”


- Federica Minozzi, CEO, Iris Ceramica Group, StonePeak Ceramics

“We came to Patrick with an opportunity to speak to a group of senior leaders on a tight timeline. He jumped in, met with our client to understand their needs, customized his presentation, and delivered it with excellence. The leaders were thrilled. We will definitely work with Patrick again.”

G7 Entertainment Marketing

“What a terrific experience! [He] offers a practical process to address and improve leadership skills across all roles in an organization. Our leaders left the experience with an actionable framework to begin a powerful leadership journey. Both engaging and insightful!”

Shawn Moon, CEO Zerorez Carpet Cleaning

“Patrick's gift is delivering leadership concepts as real life stories that bring them down from a philosophical mountain and into applicable terms that almost anyone can apply immediately. Patrick outlines profoundly simple steps to bring more real productivity back into my hectic schedule.”

VP Technology Architecture, Johnson Controls

“On several occasions, I have hired Patrick to present to and develop my leaders. He brings the perfect mixture of expertise, humor, storytelling, and actionable ideas. Leaders love working with and learning from him.”

United States Secret Service

“Patrick is a dynamic, inspiring, and entertaining speaker who will ignite an audience to truly think about what being a leader is. He leads individuals on a journey to dive deep into understanding the leadership practices necessary for reaching your full potential. He left us with clear steps and resources on how each person in our company could become a better leader.”

President, Witter & Westlake Investments, Inc

“A thought-provoking and insightful session that left us with tools and ideas on how to approach our negotiations and client relationships. [We] found the session valuable and are taking home some new ideas to apply to their daily client interactions. One of our international attendees said they had been to a few negotiation seminars, and this one was the best because it was practical and applied globally.”

Vice President, Corporate Marketing dMed-Clinipace

“Patrick Leddin is a dynamic and engaging speaker. He connects with people, helps them to see what's possible, and challenges them to take their performance to new levels. He's a rare blend of IQ and EQ who engages both the mind and heart.”

The Walt Disney Company

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