Striking Balance – Perform and Transform

Have you ever felt like you’re in a constant balancing act?

I once collaborated with a client facing a familiar challenge. They were gearing up to launch an exciting new product next year, but were bogged down by ongoing issues with their current offering. Addressing these bugs was critical to keeping customers happy, yet focusing solely on the bugs meant neglecting the future.

Quite the dilemma, isn’t it?

This situation is an everyday reality for so many leaders and teams.

It’s like walking a tightrope between managing the immediate needs and planning for future success.

Navigating this landscape is more than a challenge; it’s a true test of you as a leader.

If you think it’s exhausting for you – constantly putting out today’s fires and feeling as though the bigger picture is just out of reach – what’s it doing to your team?

Here’s a strategy to break this cycle.

Two simple words that I often use with my clients: Perform & Transform.

The idea is straightforward yet impactful. Set a ‘Perform Goal’ to excel in the present and a ‘Transform Goal’ to innovate for the future. This dual approach empowers you to handle today’s tasks efficiently while paving the way for future growth.

This method moves you and your team from being reactive to being proactive, ensuring success in both the short and long term.

How about redefining your team’s approach?

Identify your Perform Goal – what you need to excel at today, and your Transform Goal – what will drive your future growth. Engage your team in this dual-focus goal-setting discussion, maintaining momentum on both fronts and hold regular talks to track your progress. It’s challenging yet gratifying.

Think about this

If you asked your team to name your top Perform & Transform goals right now, would they have clear answers?

More importantly, do you?

Make it a great day!