Episode #5: Thriving in the Face of Scarcity with Dr. Kelly Goldsmith

Professor Kelly Goldsmith joins Patrick in the lab to share her research on scarcity. As a Vanderbilt University business professor, a world renowned researcher, and a former contestant on the tv show Survivor, Dr. Goldsmith teaches us how to thrive when resources are limited. Applying Podcast Lessons in Your Life Below is this episode’s application…

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Episode #2: Creating a ruckus in the marketplace with Seth Godin

Patrick has an insightful conversation with entrepreneur, speaker, blogger, and best-selling author Seth Godin. Listen and learn how you can create a ruckus for your customers. Patrick LeddinI try to be a catalyst for change and improvement. Some of my ideas are spot-on, many are works in progress, and, admittedly, others miss the mark. That’s…

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