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Episode #14 Improving your ability to influence and persuade with NYT bestselling author Dr. Robert Cialdini

Available on Wednesday, November 20th Dr. Robert Cialdini’s New York Times (NYT) bestselling book Influence introduced the world to the psychology of persuasion and created a worldwide movement focused on research and best practices. He recently joined Patrick in the Leadership Lab to discuss his most recent book Pre-Suasion. In doing so, Dr. Cialdini “shines…

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Episode #10: Making the Most of What You Have with Jamie Andrew

In this episode, Jamie Andrew joins Patrick in the lab. Jamie is an exceptional mountaineer, runner, and triathlete. He is also a quadruple amputee. Don’t miss the chance to hear Jamie’s story and learn how you can become a better leader through the choices you make. Patrick LeddinPatrick Leddin, PhD is a sought after writer,…

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Episode #9: Creating a Culture of Belonging with Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown joins Patrick in the lab to discuss what leaders and organizations can do to ensure that, “every employee, from emerging leaders to managers to C-suite executives, feels Welcomed, Valued, Respected, and Heard℠. Patrick LeddinPatrick Leddin, PhD is a sought after writer, speaker, and global leadership consultant. Patrick is an Associate Professor at Vanderbilt…

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