Episode 239: Elevate Your Performance through Mental Strength with Former Pro Baseball Player and Coach Derin “DMAC” McMains

Patrick sits down with mental performance coach Derin “DMAC” McMains. Derin is renowned for his work with top athletes, musicians, executives, and teams, providing them with the mental strategies needed to excel and lead in their respective arenas.

In their conversation, DMAC shares insights into the psychological skills and disciplines that are crucial for maintaining focus, resilience, and peak performance under pressure. He discusses practical approaches for mastering your mental game, from enhancing concentration to overcoming challenges with grace and determination.

This episode is essential listening for anyone seeking to elevate their professional and personal performance through mental strength and agility. Discover how you can harness the power of your mind to achieve excellence and lead with confidence in any field.  Follow DMAC on Instagram @dmac_mindset or on X @McMainsDmac. Also, look for his podcast, No Show Dogs: Powered by ReliaQuest.


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