Episode 215: Dream Big and Win with Billion Dollar Business Builder Liz Elting

In this episode, Patrick dives into a riveting conversation with Liz Elting, the trailblazing Founder and CEO of The Elizabeth Elting Foundation. Liz, who was also the brilliant mind behind the founding of the $1.5 billion TransPerfect, a leading global translation service firm. Liz is the author of the transformative book, “Dream Big and Win.” Based in New York, Liz is widely hailed as one of the world’s most triumphant self-made women. She passionately champions the dismantling of systemic obstacles hindering success and equality. Liz is also fervently dedicated to nurturing the upcoming wave of women business trailblazers. Tune in to glean invaluable insights from a woman who’s not only breaking barriers but also ensuring that the path remains open for those who follow.  Learn more at www.LizElting.com


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