Freudenfreude Worksheet

Freudenfreude is the opposite of Schadenfreude. It means that you find pleasure in watching someone else succeed.

Arguably, the dinner party discussion about favorite tv shows and movies was a glimpse at Freudenfreude in action. People were genuinely excited at the idea of seeing others enjoying what they enjoy.

This Freudenfreude concept is something I think we can all get behind.

As a leader, there are opportunities to create Freudenfreude moments at work. You don’t have to spend the day watching TV shows; you can simply:

  • teach someone a skill and then watch them employ it
  • challenge a team member to step up and watch them soar
  • give somebody a chance to lead and experience the thrill of their success

This week’s tool and video encourage you to think about times when you found fulfillment in Freudenfreude and to identify how to make a similar moment happen in the present. I invite you to list a past situation where you taught, challenged, or provided an opportunity to someone. Then, reflect on how they responded, what they accomplished, and how it made you feel. But, don’t stop there. The tool also encourages you to identify a present opportunity for you to do a similar thing.


Find Fulfillment in Freudenfreude