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Take Your Organization on a Purpose Drive, Indiana Jones Type Adventure

In 1981, Indiana Jones ran, swung, and fought his way into movie theaters everywhere. Since then, the archeologist has taken audiences on numerous adventures in search of hidden treasure. You are likely familiar with the basic Jones’ storyline. After painstaking effort, dangerous encounters (“Snakes…why’d it have to be snakes”), and finding himself at the precipice…

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Create a Culture of Owners

Who washes a rental car? No one. Why? We don’t own rental cars. If you want to increase employee engagement, give your team members something to own. It can be a project, an initiative, a decision, a workspace, etc., but give it to them and let them own it. Here are six great reasons to…

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Smart Leaders Master Two Amazingly Important Skills

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with clients across a variety of industries and locations around the world. Whether I am working with a professional services firm in Malaysia, a manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom, or a healthcare business in the United States, I’ve noticed that the top performers master two…

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5 Workplace Etiquette Behaviors to Help You to Win at Work

Joining a new workplace, at any age, can be daunting! Here are 5 quick and easy workplace etiquette tips. Although simple, and seemingly straightforward, these 5 things are often forgotten or overlooked in the rush of beginning a new role. Read more in this article. Download a PDF of the 5 workplace etiquette behaviors perfect…

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4 Ugly Truths that Great Leaders Know about Good Ideas

GREAT leaders know 4 UGLY truths about GOOD ideas. Are you aware of them? Here’s a tool to help you to learn and apply them. Download a pdf version below that is perfect for printing, posting, and sharing! Read more about these ideas here. Patrick LeddinPatrick Leddin, PhD is a sought after writer, speaker, and…

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