ADVICE Worksheet

I once boarded a plane flight. After settling into my seat, I opened the outdoor travel magazine I had purchased in the terminal. The title of the first article I flipped to caught my attention, “How to Survive a Plane Flight!”

That seemed like interesting timing.

I felt compelled to read the article. It contained a list of things to do:

  1. Know where the closest exit is. (That seemed reasonable to me.)
  2. Wear your seatbelt low and tight across your lap. (Again, sound advice.)
  3. Keep your shoes on during takeoff and landing in case of a problem. (I hadn’t thought about that. Thanks for the heads up.)
  4. Wear a flame-retardant hood. (Say what?)

While the first three pieces of advice were good counsel, the last seemed a stretch and, had I complied, may have resulted in my being escorted from the plane.

The same is true for advice you receive at work and throughout your life. It’s always good to seek advice and counsel, but don’t blindly follow it. Be sure to think for yourself, listen to your intuition, and decide what is best for you!

This week’s tool provides a visual illustration of the A-D-V-I-C-E framework. It’s perfect for printing, using, and sharing. Speaking of sharing, I’m providing you with a video about the Flame Retardant Hood advice. Share it with your team and discuss the advice you receive, the projects you tackle, and the priorities you set.


How to Handle Advice