Episode 208: Master the Language that Leads with Author Kasia Wezowski

Kasia Wezowski joins Patrick to discuss how we can all master the language that leads. A four-time Amazon bestselling author and multifaceted entrepreneur, Kasia draws from her expansive experience as the founder of several successful businesses – from an international training company to a movie production house.

Kasia and Patrick delve into her latest book, “Language That Leads: Communication Strategies that Inspire and Engage.” The power of words is undeniable, and Kasia unpacks the art of strategic communication that not only captures attention but also galvanizes action. As the co-producer of impactful documentaries like LEAP and IMPACT, she brings a unique perspective on how communication shapes our world and how mastering language, being authentic, and discontinuing an impossible pursuit of perfection. Learn more about Kasia and her work at https://www.kasiawezowski.com/


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