What is your radical idea?

I’ve had this long nagging desire to write a sitcom.

Silly, right?

I’m not a sitcom writer. I’m a professor and an entrepreneur. I research important topics and I consult about practical things like leadership, team building, and talent development. Nonetheless, every once in a while, I find myself noodling with this idea for a sitcom. On the rare occasion that I’ve disclosed the show idea or conveyed to someone the title, people seem genuinely interested in the concept and think it has great potential.

Yet, I continually shelve my ambition to do it.

Many of us have mad, crazy, even radical ideas. And by many of us, I mean you. Over time, you learn to push these ideas to the side saying that they are unrealistic or undoable. Your pragmatic self wins the day and the idea is put to bed. Yes, it may pop-up in your mind occasionally, but you tamp it down – or worse, you surround yourself with people who will tamp it down for you.

If you travel down this track long enough, you might stop generating such ideas in the first place. You simply won’t allow your mind to go there.

Consider this:

The very ability to be creative is what makes human beings so amazing. We can think of new things, dream up new possibilities, and accomplish new and ever-expanding outcomes. Here are a few questions to consider:

  • What idea have you been thinking about for years that has yet to see the light of day?
  • How might you bring that idea to the world? Who can help you?
  • When was the last time you spoke of this idea to someone? What was their reaction?

Maybe it’s time to speak your idea to the world, to begin to make it happen, and to make a big, radical difference. I’ll make you this promise:

  • If you continue to dream, so will I.
  • If you put effort behind your radical idea, I will do the same.
  • If you spring your genius on the world, I’ll work to make an impact too.

Let me be clear, don’t plan on streaming my TV show anytime soon. I might continue to work on it, but I have some other fun ideas that I want to launch first. I promise to share them with you in future editions of our weekly newsletter.

You might say I’m shelving the idea. The big difference is that I am allowing myself to believe that it will become real. That I can make it real. As long as you believe in yourself and your ideas, the ideas will keep coming. When you stop…the ideas stop. Keep dreaming.

I recently interviewed Latesha Byrd. She has many ideas too, some of which have been, and in some circles still are, considered radical. But, people continue to stand up and push for these ideas and as a result, we are seeing a more equitable, inclusive, and diverse workplace. I learned about Latesha when I asked a former student of mine for advice on a guest. I’m glad I inquired because Latesha and I had a great conversation covering a wide range of topics from rebranding to mentorship to culture and more.

I’ve created a tool and a video to go with it that will help you develop your radical ideas. Put them to paper, analyze them, and – most importantly – believe that you can make them happen. The timing for your radical idea may not be good right now, but it is always the right time to believe in yourself.

Make it a great day!   Patrick

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash