Highs and Lows Worksheet

This week’s tool and video are designed to help you to think about the highs and lows in your life and career. Use the space on the form to reflect on a time period in your life. You can capture a month, a year, or any timeframe you would like. Draw a line showing where you were at the beginning of the timeline and where you ended at the end of the period.  When you think of the tough times that you encountered, make the line dip down to represent the low points. Conversely, when you reflect on successes, ensure that the line goes up to capture those moments. Label the highs and lows annotating what happened at each step of the journey. Then, use the space at the bottom of the form to capture what you learned along the way, how you’ve grown, and in what ways those lessons have prepared you for what lies ahead.


highs and lows worksheet