032. Create a work from home routine that increases your well-being with Sloane Elizabeth

Now is the time to invest in your well-being.  This bonus podcast is designed to help you to do just that as you find yourself working from home!

Entrepreneur, author, and all-around-wellness expert, Sloane Elizabeth, joins me in the lab to discuss working from home.  We talk about her typical workday: when she gets up, what she eats, where she works from in the house, how often she moves, etc.  In doing so, you will get a picture of how you can become a healthy, more effective, and better version of yourself.  In full disclosure, Sloane is a former student of mine at Vanderbilt University.  When I learned that so many people will be working from home, I thought Sloane would be the perfect person to talk with about the topic AND she is just that, the perfect guest.

Learn more about her work at www.kaleandkravings.com.